SJFC vs Hinton Reserves


Mazharali Gulam Hussein
Yaseen Valjy
Mahdi Shabir
Gibran Pirbhai
Mahdi Hemraj
Murtaza Merali
Maisam Merali
Hussein Pirbhai
Roshanali Merali Dewji
Tauseef Kanji GK
Amir Merali
Hussein Abdulla

After an intense warm-up the team were all hyped to carry on the recent good form and add another win to keep the momentum up.

Having succumbed to Hinton 5-2 last time out, where their pace and powerful running was the difference, SJ started the game cautiously.

Both teams getting to grips with a bobbly muddy pitch, with chances at a premium.

After a scrappy first 10, SJ got into the game. Gibran pulling the strings in midfield, Mutz alongside adding his thrust and guile opened up space for Maz on the left, and Amuz and Yaseen upfront.

With the high press working a treat, SJ had Hinton where they wanted. After a warning long ranger from Amuz missed the goal, he tried again. About 25 yards out, slightly to the left of the “D” he sent a curling dipping shot with his instep, seemed destined for row -Z until the wicked curl took hold, the ball nestled in the top corner. Such a stunning finish, the world stood still trying to digest what we just witnessed.

Hinton was at 6’s and 7’s. Yaseen leading the line giving their defense a tough time. He was relentless all day.

He got his rewards with two quickfire goals.

The first a brilliant team goal, high press, quick passing..Gib feeding Amuz, flick over a static defense on to an onrushing Yaseen to smash a first-time volley past the comatose Hinton GK.

Our third, Hussein Abdallah and Mahdi Hemraj superbly controlled and neutralized the potent Hinton left side got a foothold in an attacking sense.

Mahdi finding space in the area, taking his time waiting for Yaseen’s run, perfect ball.. simple finish… SJ in dreamland.