St James Bisons United vs SJFA U8

It was a mild, sunny Autumn morning and the SJFA U8 Boys, after a 2 weeks break, were all geared up for their, so far, undefeated fourth match of the season in the Chiltern League.

This time we were playing away in Gerrards Cross against a team, St James Bisson United, which proved to be a very challenging but overall a quite balanced game in terms of both ability and capability.

The match was divided into 4 quarters of 10 minutes duration. SJFA adopted the 6 a-side 2-2-1 and 1-3-1 diamond formations in the games.

The SJFA U8 squad consisted of the following players:
Jawad Dhalla
Shabbar Alibhai
Adam Merali
Abbas Rajvani
Ali Nurmohamed
Hassan Valjy
Hussain Bhalloo
Mikhial Rashid
Zain Dharas

Quarter 1
It was a dynamic start to the game with the a lot of action, where within the first few minutes we witnessed a brilliant save from Hussain. However soon after, we conceded our first goal which came from a corner kick by the opposition team.

Our boys showed great spirit and marched on with some amazing chances and confidence from both Zayn and Adam.
Score: 2-0

Quarter 2
This again was a very exciting quarter with Zain playing upfront, Abbas and Adam in midfield and Shabbar and Hassan in defence. Here again our boys showed some great skills developed over the years from their training and what a long way they have come!

The opposition gave us a tough time but the SJFA team rose to the challenge with some excellent midfield play by both Abbas and Adam and some solid defending by Shabbar and Hassan. Although St James Bisson managed to score another goal in this game – had it not been for some fantastic saves from Mikhial, we would have conceded more.

SJFA’s first and only goal came in this quarter from an amazing attempt at the goal by Zain which deflected off the opposition defender resulting in an own goal!
Score: 3-1

Quarter 3
Another lively and energetic quarter where we observed some amazing football skills showcased by both teams. Ali displayed great passing and tackling skills and almost scored the second SJFA goal. Abbas managed to make two phenomenal saves displaying some great goal keeping. However the opponents also showed great persistence and succeeded in getting two goals in this quarter.
Score: 5-1

Quarter 4
Final quarter and SJFA were not giving up. The teams were back on again showing great spirit and energy. Once again we saw some good football from both sides. Zain did well and had another 3 chances but was denied a goal. Jawad and Hassan played well in the midfield supporting Zain upfront and Mikhial and Shabbar in defence. St James Bisson United, despite Abbas’s great goalkeeping, managed to score their sixth goal which could have ended seven had the last shot from the opposition not hit the post in the last minute!

Overall although we lost this exciting game – it was definitely a challenge where there was a lot to learn and think about. Our boys and coaches managed to identify the areas and skills that we need to work hard in order to be consistent and improve our game to progress and succeed. Our boys did us proud by playing their best and showing exemplary behaviour both on and off the pitch!
Final Score: 6 -1

Last but not least a massive thank you to all the Mums and Dads who came out to support the boys and of course for the lovely ‘Kadak Chai’ which kept us warm!

By Yusuf Nurmohamed (Parent)