St James Panthers City vs SJFA U7 – Tigers


Husayn Kermali
Ali Hadi Jessa
Yusuf Merali
Javadali Muraj
Raihanali Dewji
Ilyas Ali Nazarali
Hassan Merali
Adil Walji

A beautifully sunny yet windy day at Chalfont St Peter. Our first time meeting St James Panthers City and playing on the Thorpe House playing fields.

Our Tigers got straight into the game and were awarded with a free kick after Javadali Muraj was tackled.

With the Panthers bunching in their half and occasionally dared to venture into the Tigers side and after a second corner our Keeper, Yusuf Merali, was able to clear away.

Shortly afterwards our Tigers pushed back and superb kick from Ilyas Ali Nazarali into the top left corner of the goal giving us the lead of 1-0

Team work between our boys really shone through.

2nd quarter

The Panthers had a good shot but fortunately it was saved by Javadali Muraj. Unfortunately their next attempt resulting in a goal leading to them equalising. 1-1

The Panthers attempted to intimidate our Tigers with a couple of body shots but our boys showed their resilience and their Team work paid off with, the trio of Yusuf Merali, Adil Walji and Raihanali Dewji making lead again. 2-1

Even though Ali-Hadi Jessa made a good clearance the Panthers made a great cross and equalised again. 2-2

During the Half time Coaches Mustafa & Sadik had an opportunity to prep our boys for a tough second half.

As soon as the second half whistle was blown Yusuf Merali bolted across the pitch and made the Tigers regain their lead. 3-2

With another free kick being awarded to Javadali Muraj ours Tigers were really getting stuck in and playing as one. After a close attempt in a cramped goal Yusuf Merali increased their lead and gave the Tigers their fourth goal. 4-2

Last quarter became rather intense with the hungry Panthers scoring in an open goal. 4-3

What looked like a scrum and Javadali Muraj trying his best, Yusuf Merali scored his hat-trick giving our Tigers a lead yet again. 5-3

The final goal of the match was scored by Ilyas Ali Nazarali giving our Tigers a well deserved victory of 6-3