St James U16 Meerkats vs SJFC U16


Ali Hadi Govani
Husayn Yahya Merali
Qaim Ali Rawji
Mohamedmahdi Janmohamed
Jameel Walji
Ammar Kassam
Zia Dewji
Ali Merali
Ali Khatau
Muhammad Abbas Jaffer
AliZaman Alibhai
Shahid Alimohamed
Ali Sheikh

Score: 6 – 0 L

A BIG THANKYOU – to the parents who came out to support us especially those who stayed throughout the match!

Thanks to our linesmen and to the parents who helped with setup.
Final Score: 0-6
Half Time: 0-3

Boys battled very hard, kept their heads up through out the match despite the rain/wind/conditions and being visibly out sized and out muscled. The opposition team played a very direct game.

I think we were one of a handful of fixtures that were lucky to have a game and it was a bonus to just be outdoors and play the match!

Abbas Merali