St Josephs Panthers vs SJFA U7 – Tigers


Yusuf Merali
Hassan Merali
Javadali Muraj
RaihanAli Dewji
Ali Hadi Jessa
Owais Chandoo
Ilyas Ali Nazarali
Husayn Kermali
Nadhirali Rajwani
Adil Walji

Back to Chalfont St Peter to take on our adversaries, St Joseph’s Panthers.

A great start with Javadali Muraj and Yusuf Merali pushing the game out undeterred by the cold.

After being awarded a free kick, Javadali Muraj created a beautiful cross into the box but unfortunately our Tigers didn’t get rewarded.

Then RaihanAli Dewji true to form to control of the ball and pushed the Panthers back into their own half.

Nadhirali Rajwani was proving to be a force to be reckoned with by providing an unimpenetrable defence. Owais Chandoo & Husayn Kermali, both with an opportunity to score, but the opposition defence were not having any of it.

Our brave keeper, Hassan Merali, wanting a piece of the action by pushing the ball back leaving an open goal.

The Tiger’s strong defence was confidently holding back the Panthers combined with excellent teamwork with RaihanAli Dewji being denied a close goal.

After the start of the 2nd quarter, the Tigers once again displayed excellent team work but weren’t able to get the goal they desperately deserved. Determined to keep the ball out of their half, with tremendously beautiful kick from the keeper, Hassan Merali, losing his shoe in the process!

The Panthers were able to slip in a goal making it 1-0.

This charged Javadali Muraj to push back and hit the ball directly to the goal but the Panthers’ keeper was able to stop it just on the line.

Our Tigers continued their enthusiastic team spirit, working together to push the game back to the opposition.

After the start of the second half, the Panthers were able to get a very lucky goal taking the score to 2-0.

After being given a free kick, the Panthers tried their level best, but with a slide in our goal, the Panthers were able to score. 3-0

The final quarter saw our Tigers fighting back. Firstly a great goal by Javadali Muraj reducing our defecit to 3-1

Then Yusuf Merali scored an excellent goal, taking us to 3-2

The great come back by our Tigers was rewarded even further with Yusuf Merali scoring the final goal making it 3-3 at the final whistle.

An exhilarating match which our boys should be proud of.