St Peters Iver Pumas vs SJFA U7 – Tigers


Owais Ali Chandoo
Raihanali Dewji
Ali-Hadi Jessa
Husayn Kermali
Javadali Muraj
Murtaza Mehrali

Our first Cup match away at St Peters Iver against Pumas.

With an early goal from the Pumas, a fire was ignited in the bellies of our little Tigers who after a free kick nearly equalised.

Raihanali Dewji fully immersed himself into the game at one point blocking the Pumas from scoring by bravely throwing himself in front of the opposition thus crushing the Pumas’ ambitions.

The Tigers held a strong defence during their first quarter, but the Pumas were able to sneak in their second goal taking the score to 2-0.

During the first quarter regroup, coach Mustafa Muraj was able to provide some motivation to our Tigers which proved to be invaluable as Murtaza Mehrali was able to find the back of the net giving the Tigers their first goal of the match; 2-1 to Pumas.

Ali-Hadi Jessa was given an opportunity to score the second goal but sadly the ball stopped on the Pumas’ goal line. Undeterred, the Tigers stormed ahead with Murtaza Mehrali taking a great kick to equalise with the Pumas at 2-2.

With the Tigers awarded another free kick, they kept on pushing hard and after a close call in front our goal, Murtaza Mehrali chased the ball back down to the Pumas’ goal letting our Tigers take the lead and make it 2-3.

It was warming to see the partnership of Raihanali Dewji and Murtaza Mehrali develop in front of us, but the Pumas goalkeeper turned out to have a little luck on his side denying them another goal.

After halftime, Murtaza Mehrali was off to a flying start but dreams of a hattrick were shelved by a determined Pumas keeper.

Owais Chandoo channelled through the Pumas but one again, the Tigers road to victory was blocked by an impressive Pumas keeper. Undeterred, the very eager Murtaza Mehrali punted the ball back to Pumas keeper definitely keeping him on his toes!

Raihanali Dewji was denied a goal due to Pumas’ defence and keeper. However, whilst defending our goal, Javadali Muraj was showing his all-round ability by stopping the Pumas from equalising.

The Tigers were unlucky when the Pumas scored and thus equalising at 3-3.

Once again the Pumas charged into our defence but the skills of Husayn Kermali as a great keeper warded after the Pumas’ attempts to take the lead. Though his mum may not be happy with the state of his kit, Raihanali Dewji didn’t let a little bit of mud get in his way of defending the Tigers from the Pumas aggressive attack.

The Tigers gave an aggressive push during the final quarter but were not able to get past the Pumas’ keeper. Pumas were able to take the lead by scoring one last goal resulting in 4-3 when the final whistle had been blown. With smiles all around we were sincerely proud of our Tigers for putting in all their energy and delivering a great game.

Written by Mahmood Jessa