Stanmore Jafferys Subscriptions Now Due – 1 Jan 2018

Salaam Alaikum,

Detailed below is the Stanmore Jafferys subscriptions for the year commencing 1 January 2018 and the available methods of payment. The subscriptions for 2018 has been based on anticipated costs and continuing growth for 2018, and ensuring the club continues its drive towards sustainability.

Increase in Football (SJFA) Membership:
You will note there is an increase in Football membership fees this year by £15-£20 (depending on under/over 16’s). 2018 is the launch of our new 2 Year Kit cycle with the current (Red Uniglobe Adidas) ending in April 2018.
Everyone who pays their 2018 subscriptions will receive their new kit which will be officially launched at the end of the SJFA season around May 2018.

A separate email on the kit launch and ordering process will go out nearer the time.

The deadline for paying the 2018 subscriptions is 31 March 2018. After this date SJFA members will not be eligible to participate in any SJFA activities (training, matches etc) until the subscription has been settled.


Category 2018 2017
Football  only (SJFA) £140 £120
Volleyball £120 £120
Racket Sports £95 £95
Football & Volleyball & Racket Sports £145 £125
Swim Only £50 £50
Swim & Racket Sports & Football & Volleyball £170 £160


Category 2018 2017
Football only (SJFA) £120 £105
Football & Racket Sports £130
Racket Sports Only £65 £65
Swimming only £40 £40
Badminton & Swimming £85 £85
Football & Swimming £135 £125
Football & Racket Sports & Swimming £160 £145


Category 2018 2017
Football (SJFA) £85 £70
Football & Swim £100 £85
Swim Only £30 £30

Age banding is based on age at 1 January 2018 (ie 7 / 16 and under on 1 January 2018)

SJ Membership Fees
Adult: £15
Student/U16: £10
Supporting Patron: £15

You will NEED to become an Stanmore Jaffery member to be able to partake in any SJ Sports activity that is on a seasonal structure/pay as you go system (more details below).

Stanmore Jafferys has introduced a £15 Supporting Patron membership this year; this is for community well-wisher who wish to continue to support the growth and sustainability of SJ Sports but not getting any direct benefit as a member.  Our hope is to get 100 Supporting Patrons in 2018!

Seasonal Sports: Adults & Students/U16s/U7s:
Adult Cricket, Tennis, Squash Table Tennis and Football will be introduced during the year as a ‘Seasonal’ as they already form a key part of the Stanmore Jaffery staple curriculum given the success seen/enjoyed in previous year/s.

Subscriptions/fees for these sports will be released during the year accordingly either following a seasonal subscription rate or pay as you go model.

Guest Member Pass

Category 2018 2017
Student/U16/U7: 10 pass £45 £45
Student/U16/U7: 5 pass £25 £25

The guest pass system was introduced in 2017. This is targeted at the following people:

  1. People who are visiting the UK for a short period of time and staying with family/friends and would like to partake in SJ sports
  2. People who live in the UK but feel they can’t commit to a whole year of sport to various sports but would like the option of attend ad hoc sessions when feasible

Terms & Conditions of Guest Pass:

  1. You can only purchase ONE guest pass a year (either a 5 or 10 pass, NOT both).
  2. You CANNOT purchase more than one guest pass a year
  3. It is a self policing mechanism, the responsibility to keep count of the number of sessions lies on the guest pass holder, the holder will be self accountable for abuse of this pass
  4. You can attend any session, however, if there are capacity issues the coordinator reserves the right of refusal
  5. Entry into competitions or tournaments – the coordinator reserves the right of entry/refusal to any internal / external tournament
  6. Does not have voting rights/other membership privileges.

Payment Methods:

  1. Paying online (one single payment):
    Step 1:For Adults, Students, U16s: (a form needs to be filled for EVERY member)
    Step 2:  Select Payment Method: Paypal
    Step 3: Continue to next page and either pay by Paypal or Credit/Debit Card
  2. Direct Debit System (monthly payment):
    This needs to be done every year, therefore if you were paying on Direct Debit last year you will need to do this again for 2018
    Step 1:Fill out form
    Step 2: You will receive an automated email confirming that you have filled out the go-cardless form correctly. You only need to fill out the Gocardless form once (even if you are paying for multiple people/u16/u7 etc) as we will set up one single direct debit to incorporate a total amount. You will need the unique reference number: ref: STANMOREJAFF-***** when filling out form below in step 3.
    Step 3: Once gocardless form is filled out above; For Adults, Students, U16s fill out for each person:, and use the same GoCardless Ref from step 2 if using same bank account
    Step 4:  Select Payment Method: I want to pay by Direct Debit and follow page through.
  3. Cash/Cheques (one single payment):
    Stanmore Jafferys  will NOT be accepting cash or cheques payments. If you need to pay by cash or cheque, please find a friends/relative who can pay on your behalf as every MEMBER needs to fill out an online form.

For the last two years, Stanmore Jafferys have put a Direct Debit system in place to spread the burden/costs.

HOWEVER, Stanmore Jafferys do recognise there maybe members who may find the financial commitment a stretch even with the DD system in place.
We are a COMMUNITY club, a financial constraint should NEVER be a reason for ANYONE not to be able to partake in SJ sports.

If you/you are aware of anyone who requires assistance please contact the Stanmore Jafferys treasurer: Abrar Molu ( in strictest of confidence (or anyone of the names mentioned below/your coordinator/any Stanmore Jaffery committee member you may feel comfortable in approaching) and we will ensure the query is responded to in the appropriate manner with utmost respect and confidence.

Should you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact:
Abrar Molu:
Abbas Merali:
Imran Gulamhusein:

Salaams & Duas
SJFA “One Team”