Sufra Collection – 12th November 2017

We would like to thank all the SJFA parents who have started to support our Social Responsibility Program. As you all know the SJFA are partnering with Sufra NW London who every year collects and distributes over 50 tonnes of non-perishable food to nearly 4,000 people in absolute crisis. These include a wide range of beneficiaries such as the mentally unwell, the disabled, carers, the unemployed, the elderly and low-income families affected by poverty. The Food Bank, which relies entirely on donations from the public, is the culmination of extensive partnerships with local charities, corporate sponsors, faith communities and youth organisations, which together ensure that no one in our community should ever go hungry.

During the last training session on Sunday (29 October) we had a number of parents who started dropping off groceries from the Sufra shopping list.

Sufra is scheduled to pick up all the groceries on 12 November 2017. We urge the parents and players to support this worthwhile cause.

As always we are humbled by the all support we receive.