The Salaam Cup – 3 days in one!

As God once again blessed us with another beautiful sunny day on 30th June, I knew we were in for a treat of a day that we would remember years down the line! Salaam Cup 2018 had it all, including a spectacular live screening of one of the best matches of the World Cup 2018; France v Argentina that ended 4 – 3, the game, the noise the big screen and the atmosphere was electric!

Every corner of Harefield Academy was humming and buzzing from 4pm on Friday 29 June when the site was being prepared to 1am on Sunday 1 July, when the last of the 4,000kgs of AV equipment was being loaded and dispatched. The food stalls, family picnics and face painting, children’s entertainment, FA Cup, beautiful Adhan recitation and the break for Salat, Live Screening of the World Cup, the football, the matches, the team talks, the penalties, the MVP’s, the Golden Boot’s, the trophies being lifted and most of all the bonds, the banter and the brotherhood through out the day!

As the chairman of Stanmore Jafferys, as a parent and as one of the coaches on the day (of SJFA England, Tier 4) I was lucky enough and privileged enough to get a multifaceted view and insight into the preparation and execution of Salaam Cup 2018; the sheer monumental effort, the sheer monumental planning, the hours, the sweat and tears and most importantly the passion and love that had gone into planning and executing the event.

The vision, the mission and the execution was once again of an exceptional calibre; a testament to the SJFA and Salaam Cup Team under the leadership of Uncle Mo Valjy, Hussein Pirbhai and the core team who were often deliberating into the early hours of the morning ensuring all angles and details were covered off, cross checked and nothing left to chance!

Thank you Team SJFA, Team Salaam Cup, for serving with the biggest of hearts! and to the spouses and the families for the sacrifices and the support in allowing the team to serve and execute.

Thank you to our Blue Team (Salamteers) headed by Afzal Pradhan and Mustafa Walji.

Thank you to ALL our Sponsors and the Executive Committee of Hujjat KSIMC for their ongoing and very valuable support in ensuring the event was a success. It was great to see the President of Hujjat KSIMC, Dr Munir Datoo in his personalised kit enjoying the day and making guests feel at home.

One thing that really brought electricity, buzz and atmosphere to Salaam Cup this year was the AV system and the HUGE Screen. To ensure this happened I would like to say a personal thank you to two exceptional heroes Qawsarali Sumar and Shahidali Khakhi who worked a 24 hour shift with an hours nap in the at approximately 5.30am on Saturday morning to ensure we got a real sound and sight treat!

See you in 2019 – the preparations have already begun!

Best Wishes
Abbas Merali