The Ultimate Winner – Our Community

Over the past recent years, our club has undergone a remarkable growth which I have been able to experience and observe from various central perspectives.

This journey has allowed me to engage with various stakeholders internally and externally alike, enabling me to understand what waves Stanmore Jafferys is making not only for our own members but equally establishing a significant position on the wider map.

Moments during events like Salaam Cup give us the opportunity to truly comprehend what tremendous and deep-rooted value these sports festivals generate. Whilst coaches and players prepare for and execute their games with intensity and enthusiasm cheered by animated and excited parents, these platforms grant the wider audience yet another opportunity to build, reignite, and strengthen bonds.

This year I witnessed a noteworthy increase in participation by our community’s “grand-parents” generation and I had the opportunity to sit down and talk to a few of them whilst enjoying a nice cup of tea. Those who attended for the first time were stunned by the sheer scope of the arrangement and they could never have imagined nor expected the bar to have risen this high.

To receive this feedback and reaction from our seniors is a sense of confirmation that our generation is dynamic and progressing with fervour and dedication. Their acknowledgement is also a verification that we are shouldering the immense responsibility of maintaining and retaining the priceless heritage of serving and representing our community with honour and respect.

Opening up doors to the wider community has allowed us to showcase our institution whilst demonstrating our values, ethos and principles. Representatives from recognised institutions as well as participating clubs and communities continue to shower praise over our seamless and extraordinary delivery. They are genuinely amazed over how we manage to perform at this level with consistent quality, style and elegance.

Susan Couper from the FA and head recruiter for next year’s Euro 2020 said: “What a fantastic day! Thank you for such an amazing day. Everyone has been so generous with their time talking to me and making me feel welcome. The event was superbly organised and you should be incredibly proud”. Furthermore, our County FA (Middlesex FA) continue to support our club and initiatives, marking us as a benchmark in many aspects within the grassroots football community.

Serving this community is a gift we should treasure and embrace with open arms. Currently serving as the Stanmore Jafferys chairman has given me the opportunity to work with a large group of people from various backgrounds, with a vast range of expertise and skill-sets. Together, our aim is to ensure that our club continues to set standards even higher, aiming to deliver a 5* institution in all areas.

Concluding the post event evaluation, we can establish that SJFA and Salaam Cup is our Golden Ball with our community lifting the trophy as the ultimate winner – retaining the title once again.

God bless you all.

Salaams & Duas
Shafique Govani
Chairman, Stanmore Jafferys