Tier 1 Newsletter – Issue 2

Dear Tier 1 Parents

We are pleased to attach here the Tier 1 Newsletter and the following message from the Manager – Amir Zaidi. I am sure we can count on your support to Amir for his engagement and development of your sons.

Why a Tier 1 newsletter ?

When I thought about our two main goals for the year, namely to compete to win in Salaam Cup and to prepare our older boys for league play in team 2 next year, I knew that we would need a high degree of parent and child engagement. In the absence of the frequent communication that leads to engagement in the higher tiers as a result of regular league matches, I felt that the newsletter would provide for something similar for Tier 1.

Hopefully a newsletter which provides engaging content can increase the level of communication and alignment between parent child and coach which can only benefit the children as we seek to improve their football performance during the year.

I also feel a regular newsletter will give the parents confidence that our commitment to the kids is not simply on a Sunday, and instead our ongoing interest is in improving their performance in any sporting challenges they take on during the week.

Future plans for the newsletter will be more detailed profiles of the coaches and answering frequently asked questions.

Thanking you in advance for your support and engagement.

Amir Zaidi
Tier 1 Manager