Tier 1 (Only) – Feedback Form – Please Complete

Salaam all,

Happy New Year from all Tier 1 Coaches.

As we head out on a new block of sessions, we will aim to progress the boys in technical football skills. We however, do want to hear from parents before we design the new session plans.

Some of you will have seen this questionnaire in the registration process, but if you haven’t managed to respond, please do so as we want the changes that we make to work for all parents, so getting your opinion before changes will be useful.

The form is totally anonymous so feel free to be honest and blunt in your views.

We would also be happy to hear from both parents or other caregivers who might attend the sessions, it is not limited to one form per child, so feel free to forward the link to relevant caregivers who might also have opinions.

Here is the link:


Regards and Duas

Amir Zaidi
SJFA Tier 1 Manager