Tier 2 (Year 2/3) Parents/Guardians – Training Update

Engaging with the parents/guardians is key to the success of the club. Our Tier 2 Manager, Raza Jaffrey, would like to share the following update to the Tier 2 family.

As the manager of Tier 2, I thought you may be interested to hear what we’ve been upto in SJFA Tier 2 training session on Sunday.

Our focus has been on the following areas:

  • Technical and skill development
  • Enjoying their session
  • Remembering Islamic values and attributes and demonstrating them when we play

Technical and Skill Development

We’ve been focusing on getting boys to get to know and use all parts of their feet correctly. That means being able to distinguish between the side of their foot, the laces (to strike the ball), the instep and outside of the foot. From our training with the FA, we feel we have a responsibility to our boys to try and help them become technically proficient whilst they are in their formative years.

  • Ticky Tackas (or side to side)
  • Toe Taps
  • V turns & L turns (aka Drag back turn), Cruyff turns, 360 turns
  • Sole roles
  • Step overs

in amongst others…..
If parents can help us in asking their boys to practice some of the exercises that we’ve shown them in the training sessions, that would be of great help. Remember they don’t need to do much, but just 10 minutes every day, or every other day would be fantastic!

If you aren’t sure what any of the above skills are you can always refer to this document, which has links to youtube videos which demonstrate the various skills, the document also highlights the best way to try and perform the sklls:

SJFA Tier 2 Technical Skills DB

Enjoying their session

We want all our boys to enjoy playing football and specifically to enjoy playing for and with their SJFA team mates. Hopefully this will foster friendships amongst the boys and develop/foster a community spirit. So whilst we do teach them about football, we do also want them to have fun in the sessions, so you will see us sometimes playing funny games, which may not be with a ball, but are helping to build their balance and agility.

Remembering Islamic values and attributes

We feel that playing sport can allow the boys to put into practice values which our faith promotes. For example this week in training, when some boys wanted to give up, we briefly discussed what they knew about Prophet Nuh – they all replied telling stories about his Ark! Which is true, but the point we were trying to make as coaches was that Prophet Nuh preached for 950 years – in that time he gained 80 followers, which is approximately 1 every 12 years. He didn’t just give up and say he’d had enough he kept on preserving and trying and we asked the boys to remember this story and for them too to demonstrate perseverance and persistence when things get tough on the football pitch.

In future sessions, we’ll touch on the characteristics of other Imam’s or Prophets, which we’ll ask the boys to try and demonstrate whilst playing football.

I thought you as a parent who gives up their time to bring your son to football, would be keen to hear what we’ve been doing so far in our training sessions on Sundays. Inshallah we’ll keep you updated throughout the year.

Salaams and Duas
Raza Jaffrey
Tier 2 Manager – SJFA