Tier 3 – Imam Mahdi (a) Tournament – Message from Tier Manager

This is an internal tournament for Tier 3, which will inshallah take place on Sunday 9th December at Harefield during the training session.

As a tier we have been really impressed with the boys commitment to the Sunday sessions, reaching our maximum capacity of 30 boys nearly every week, which is also credit to the parents. It makes us as coaches very happy to see the boys attending in high numbers and it give us the chance to work with and develop the boys. We have already seen improvements in the boys who are attending week in week out, and this tournament give us a chance to review and reflect on their development as well as giving them the opportunity to express themselves in competitive match situations.

The tournament structure is a round robin league format of 5 pre-assigned teams, with each match will lasting 10mins.

This will be followed by awards based on effort, behaviour and most valuable player to the team.

We are hoping to have a fun, exciting and entertaining event. We hope to place more focus on enjoyment and participation rather than winning, although the winners will obviously be recognised.

We thank all parents and guardians for their continuous support.

Sabir Datoo
Tier 3 Manager