Tring Town AFC First vs SJFC


Mazharali Gulamhussein
Hussein Pirbhai – C
Tauseef Kanji – GK
Yaseen Valjy
Abbasali Merali
Gibran Pirbhai
Mahdi Hemraj
Hussein Abdulla
Amir Merali
Murtaza Merali
Muwahid Shah
Mahdi Merali
Maisam Merali

Indecision at the Back Costs Valiant SJ.

After a couple of weeks off due to storms pelting London, a convoy of cars drove down the A41 to face top of the table Tring.

On a decent pitch, SJ started the game on the front foot. Popping the  ball around in midfield.

The 4-5-1 formation was a genius move, Muwahid providing the base in midfield for Gib and Abbasali to provide an attacking thrust.

25 minutes had elapsed with SJ dominating the  ball, Tring with their game plan of long diagonal balls to their burly striker or their quick physical wingers.

After a scappy bit of play, the Tring no 9 found space at the edge of the box and hit a weak speculative shot towards goal. Taus partly blind sided by onrushing defenders to close the ball down will feel he could have done better as the ball flew past him on the bounce just right of centre and into the goal.

An undeserved goal for Tring.

Captain Husein Pirbhai was a lion in defence guiding his young back line of Mahdi Hemraj, Yaseen and Maisam Merali.

3 mins before half time, Tring won a corner that was drilled to the back post, unmarked their winger smashed it back into the danger area.

Fortunately it landed at the Tring no10s feet in the 6 yard box.. one touch to control and bang..2-0.

A formation change at half time saw Muwahid come off as SJ needed more attacking thrust.

Yasin back in his familiar role as striker alongside Amirali, Mahdi blue at centre back.

This opened the game up a bit, SJ again probing.. both wingers Maz and Mutz really pushing up against the Tring full backs.

After a harsh offside call against Amirali.. Tring took a long free kick that bounced in the SJ area. Unfortunate indecision by Taus backing on to his line rather than cleaning out meant the Tring winger could take a touch then bury the ball in the top corner.

A killer goal to burst all the momentum SJ were building.

As the game wore on, Trings physicality started to take a toll.

Another long ball to the left.. a clip to the backpost.. free header that was saved at first.. ball bobbling around.. the Tring  no 10 somehow scrambled it home.

Despite the 4-0 scoreline, SJ kept playing.. kept passing kept trying.

This persistence brought some joy. Abbasali with a good ball over the top, Yaseen does what he does best.. nipping the ball past the keeper and tapping home.

15 mins to go.. a glimmer of hope.

This was dashed soon, with Tring counter attacking on SJs left, 3 v2, the sub winger crossing for his counter part to place the ball superbly in the corner for Trings 5th

Tring rounded off the scoring with another scrappy goal from a corner.

An undeserved 6-1 loss for a valiant SJ.

Tring were a good outfit, with a set way of playing to their strength which was very physical.

A lesson for the future when coming up against long ball merchants

If SJ were not up for it physically, the score may have been worse. This loss was not down to a lack of application. Indecision in goal and a lack of awareness on set pieces.

Both things that can be rectified with application in training.

Tauseef Kanji