SJFA U12 vs Indian Gymkhana

U12 Team:
Hassan Merali Dewji (Captain)
Mohammed Mahdi Janmohomed
Ali Khatau
Ammar Bandali
Abbas Alloo
Hassan Merali
Salman Mukhtar
Shahid Ali Mohammed
Muhammad Aqeel Mavani
Muhammad Abbas Jaffer Kasamali

Off we went, kick off at half twelve and in under 30 seconds IGK scored. It was a good goal. Hassan Merali Dewji then scored making us level. What a relief. About five to seven minutes later we scored another goal by Mohammed Jahnmohammed aka Tommi assist by Hassan Merali Dewji putting us in the lead. Then it was three one and a goal by Ali Khatau putting it through the goalkeepers legs, another assist from Hassan Merali Dewji. After that the half time whistle blew. We felt good as we were winning 3-1. It was a good half.

We came back on after the break and the Stanmore Jafferys team was ready for another half of football. The IGK goalkeeper made some amazing saves.

Then it was four one with another goal by Mohammed Janmohammed. It was a really good game for Stanmore Jafferys. Then the IGK goalie made another outstanding save. Near the end of the game Ali Khatau slots in another goal with an assist by the goalie. The full time whistle blows and with an end result of 5-1. It was a good game for Stanmore Jafferys and hope we can play like this again in our future matches.

By Ali Khatau (u12 SJFA player)