U13 Futsal League 13.01.2018.

Amaar Kassam (GK)
Ali Hadi Govani
Husayn Merali
Jameel Walji
Yousuf Datoo
Baqir Lilani

First Match:
We started the match but almost instantly conceded a goal. After then the game went downhill with the oppostion leading 9-0 at half-time. As we lined up for the second half we started well but the oppostion outclassed us and we conceded another seven goals. The match ended 16-0 to the opposition. Despite the score line, Ammar Kassam made some brilliant saves to make sure the score line was not more than it was.

We all took this game as a learning experience as this was the first time people in the team had played futsal since last year.

By Jameel Walji
Second Match:

We went into the second match with a much more confident attitude as we were given a talk from the coaches and a bit of training to help us improve our game. We straight away put it into practice as Jameel took a brilliant shot into the side netting. Soon after, the opponents put together some passes and scored. After that, the goals kept on coming for them despite our defending and brilliant keeping. The whistle was blown for half time for our quick break. During that time, we were given a short but brilliant talk on how to improve our game. We started the half with a switch of formation from 1-2-1 to 2-2. Thanks to this we were much sturdier. During this last half we were a better team with some instances of good football.

Despite conceding a few goals we defended much better and our attacking was well improved. We stringed together many passes leading to attempts on target. Unfortunately, the final whistle was blown, and we had lost 15-0 despite our great effort. Even though we suffered a loss we kept our heads held up high after a great performance against proper futsal teams.

By Ali Hadi Govani