U6 Northwood Tournament

Raihan Ali Dewji
Muhammad Moosa
Ali Sajjad Ibrahim
Yusuf Merali
Ali Hussain Sumar
Javadali Muraj
Muhammad Hamzah Muraj
Mohammed Alsaraj
Adam Jetha
Ali Jafferali
Ilyas Ali Nazarali
Maisum Ali Harji
Gabriel Khaki
Owais Ali Chandoo
Husayn Kermali

It was a sunny but chilly Saturday morning as we prepared to attend Tier 1’s first tournament of the season.
The buzz was electric as the boys acclimatised to new surroundings on the outdoor pitches. The coaches were ready, with warm up drills and last minute tic-tacs (as one of the boys described the tactical setup)… And the attending dads naturally were charged up and ready as they searched for (and found) chai and coffee to keep things warm!

As the games commenced, our SJFA boys made us really proud. They quickly adapted to playing outdoors and against some quality opposition. Both teams quickly got a win each on the board, repaying the coaches faith and implementing everything that has been tirelessly developed in them from the regular Sunday afternoon training sessions.

We scored plenty of goals and enjoyed some great moments, not looking out of place at this level.

A big shout out to the parents as well, who braved the cold to support (quite vigorously) and drive the boys forward with the sheer enthusiasm that only parents can bring!

Northwood FC were fantastic hosts, leading by example and making us all feel welcomed.

It was a day to celebrate overall… Our players did us proud and found a roadmap for even greater progress, our coaches Mustafa Muraj and Sadik Merali showed great dedication and leadership, and the attending parents really had fun participating and cheering on!

Come on SJFA! Future success await….