Westwood Park Jets vs SJFA U8


Ali Jawad Taqi
Jawad Dhalla
Shabbar Alibhai
Ali Nurmohammed
Hassan Valjy
Hussain Bhaloo
Mikail Rashid
Zain Dharas
Zayn Khatau
Jabir Merali

The game started with an abrupt pass to a Westwood player who kicked the ball from almost half of the pitch to the goal but SJFA star keeper Mikhial Rashid made a wonderful safe and held the ball tightly.

Mikhial then took the opportunity to kick the ball to Zain Dharas who cleverly passed the ball the Ali Nurmohamed on the right side of the pitch to score a wonderful goal from just outside the penalty area. SJFA were up within 2 minutes of the game.

The game was well balanced even though SJFA had scored an early goal.

The ball was mostly being played in the middle of the park where Ali managed to passed the ball to Husain Bhaloo who got the ball in front and turned to pass the ball to Zain but it was defended well by Westwood for a corner which was taken by Zain into the middle of the area but SJFA could not use capitalise on the opportunity.

After some time Westwood finally managed to get the ball into SJFA’s half but due to excellent defending by Jabir Merali and Shabbar Alibhai, the fist quarter ended SJFA 1 Westwood 0.

At the start of the second quarter SJFA coach Jose Merali introduced Hassan Valjy and Zain Khatau and both were in action from the first minute where Hassan dribbled the ball past some players but could not apply the finish. Zain Khatau hit the ball, but it was straight to the keeper.

With the game being balanced , SJFA got a free kick from a foul by Westwood. Zain Dharas stood by the ball and tried to curve the ball to the goal but unfortunately the ball went just over the bar.

Later, when Mikhial had the ball, he cleverly saw an opportunity and played a ball to Zain Dharas who ran from his half and dribbled to the opponent to score a goal just outside the area. SJFA 2 Westwood 0.

The second quarter ended with the score at SJFA 2 Westwood 0

With the start of the third quarter Westwood received more momentum and most of the ball was being played in SJFA’s half. However with the defence controlled by Jabir Merali, Husain Bhaloo and Shabbar Alibhai, there was no chance that these boys would want to let any player be unmarked.

There were instances where the boys were giving the ball away but then the team would cover them up and with the star keeper Mikhial Rashid being on form, there was no chance that he would let any go though. At one time, he was brave enough to dive onto the ball in the middle of all the players within the penalty area.

The third quarter ended SJFA 2 Westwood 0.

The final quarter started again in the same way as the other quarter ended, the boys together with their coaches were on fire, Zain Khatau looking for opportunities to pass on forward whilst Hassan Valjy creating chances and running wit the ball. There were some moments where Westwood would have scored more goals but Jabir Merali being on top of his game would never let it happen. With the game coming to a close, Ali received a ball from the opponents by intercepting and scored a goal with a wonderful shot and with that being one of the last moments of the game.

The game finished with the final score SJFA 3 Westwood 0

Match report by Mohamedkazim Bhaloo