Westwood Park U12 Jets vs SJFC U12


  1. Zayn Khatau
  2. Abbas Rajvani
  3. Aiden Hussein
  4. Ali Nurmohamed
  5. Haider Nasser
  6. Hameed Bhojani
  7. Mikhial Rashid
  8. Husayn Mawjee
  9. Jaabir Merali
  10. Amaan Merali
  11. Hassan Valjy
  12. Aadam Merali
  13. Husain Bhaloo
  14. Zaki Mavani

The first match for SJFC was a cup draw against Westwood Park Jets and it started off well, both teams had a lot of possession but overall Westwood had most shots at goal/on target in the 1st quarter.

In the 2nd quarter, SJFC well as Westwood made a couple of substations but SJFC had a lot more possession during this period.

The first half finished pretty even with both teams pressing hard but neither finding a way through each others defences.

In the third quarter, both teams played extraordinarily well, but then there were a few indirect free-kicks due to headers thank to the new FA heading ban that has been introduced. All the free-kicks were played strategically but still no breakthrough for either team.
It was turning into a evenly matched battle with neither team giving way but Westwood had a couple more shots on target that were squandered.

Into the 4th and final quarter and a ball into the SJFC defence was cleared high over the midfield where Ali Nurmohammed raced to latch onto it and ran it into the box.

Ali was then tackled but not the all and the referee judged it to be a penalty. The penalty taker, none other than Ali Nurmohammed stepped up and slotted the ball past the keeper into the bottom right corner with ease and scored. 

The score was 1-0 to SJFC. The final 5 mins were tight with Westwood eager to get back into the game but SJFC were clearing the ball well. The full time whistle blew and it was over, Westwood 0 – SJFC 1.

By Zayn Khatau
SJFC U12 Eagles Player